Consumers Like To Feel In Control of New Retail Technologies

A recent Oracle Retail 2025 Report identified that shopper are more willing to engage in new technologies if they feel they have control over the experience.

The reports notes:

  • 64% of shoppers liked the option of using virtual reality to navigate a personalized in-store experience and having a hand-picked wardrobe to try on in-store;

  • 58% were positive about the idea of having their grocer suggest a shopping list for their approval based on purchase history, social and environmental data; however

  • 54% indicated that having a grocer automatically charge and ship items based on purchase history, social and environmental data was invasive.

Mike Webster, Senior VP and General Manager at Oracle Retail and Oracle Hospitality said that ‘Consumers clearly indicated that they have a conservative appetite for retail technologies that require deep personal data and make decisions on their behalf’.

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